We are open to everyone both Bedrock and Java
connect with the below info





Port: 21541

We strongly enforce our rules, and do not hesitate to ban those not following them. Make sure to READ UP!


Easiest way to get in touch with us is thru Discord


Do you wanna help our server grow? Tell your friends, and concider upvoting the server by clicking the heart!


You are responsible for your account. It is up to you to make sure none unrightly uses your account. We are not held accountable for anyone logging into your account unlawfully.
And any breaches in our rules can get your account suspended no matter if it is you or someone else doing it. Always protect your account info. Note: VariousWorlds staff will NEVER require you to give this information to us.

It is not allowed to use modified clients that gives the player any form of unfair advantage in comparison to the normal user. This includes but are not limited to cheats like, Killaura, Anti-knockback, Flyhack or X-ray. Macros and Autoclickers are not allowed on any of our servers. The only exception is keyboard manipulation by holding down a button on fishing farms for survival servers.
Clients that do not benefit the player like Badlion,Labymod,Lunar Client, Hyperium, Optifine, minimap and shaders are allowed.

Client mods/ Third party apps


Our chat is child-friendly!

  • Only English or Swedish is allowed
  • Be kind and respect fellow players
  • No bullying, sexism, racism, homophobia, anti-LGBTQ+ ,anti religion or other hate based chat is allowed!
  • Do NOT spam words, nonesense or use all-CAPS or exclaims (!!!!!????)
  • Do not argue or discuss sensitive matters in chat
  • Do NOT give out personal information about yourself or others in chat
  • Do NOT promote or talk about another service or website to benefit yourself or the mentioned service or site.
  • To inform about rivaling sites,realms or servers is not allowed. this includes both personal and others.
  • Politics and Religious matters do not belong here, this applies to skins as well!


Use common sense and play fair

  • Dont abuse glitches on the server or in client
  • Dont purposfully help a player whom is cheating or hacking
  • Dont create inapropriate buildings or similar
  • Dont use an inapropriate name,skin,cape or other cosmetics
  • Use common sense


Staff and Moderators are here to keep the servers up to standard and enforce the rules.
If a Staff or Mod  tell you to stop something ALWAYS obey to this. You are to listen to what the Moderators(Mods) or Staff tell you to do.
They have the right to Kick, Ban, or clear your inventory if being obeyed. Mods or Staff will NEVER ask for your account info